Factors Affecting to the Decisions of American Tourists in Choosing Thailand as their Destination

อัญญพัชร โชติวชิระพงศ์


The purposes of this research studied as follow; 1) to find out the kind of American traveling behaviors 2) marketing factors affect to the traveling decisions in Thailand 3) to compare the personal factors, traveling behaviors, and marketing factors in traveling decisions of American traveler in Thailand. The researcher used the questionnaires which were the research tool for collecting the data. The sample size in the research comprised 400 personnel who are American traveler in Thailand. The researcher used convenience sampling method. The data was analyzed by percentage, frequency, mean, t-test, F-test (One Way ANOVA), and Schefft’s multiple comparison test.
The results were as follow; 1) Most of American traveler have ever been to Thailand a few times by traveling with friends, planning traveling by themselves, using search engine for finding the information, vacation traveling, requirement natural traveling in eastern of Thailand, staying 6-10 days, and preparing money about 3,001- 4,000 USD for traveling 2) the most of marketing factors affecting the traveling decision is physical, product, price, place, promotion, personal, and service process 3) the traveling decisions of American traveler in Thailand was not correlated to personal factor and traveling behaviors, but was correlated to marketing factor, promotion (rxy = 0.790), price (rxy = 0.656), and place (rxy = 0.569).


Factors, Decision Making, American Tourists

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