E-Practice for Statistical Analysis in Business Course

Nikorn Kannikaklang


The purposes of this study were to develop an E-Practice for statistical analysis in business course which was developed for undergraduate students in Business Administration Faculty at Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep (RMUTK), to test hypothesis of learning achievement in two groups; experimental group and control group, and to evaluate satisfaction of this E-Practice. After the production of the E-Practice, three experts tested and evaluated the E-Practice, which overall parts of satisfaction were evaluated at high level. The hypothesis of learning achievement tested between experimental group 20 students and control group 20 students. It was found that the learning achievement of the experimental group outperformed the control group with the statistical significance at .01 (p-value < .01). After that, all groups of students studied the E-Practice and evaluated satisfaction. It was found that overall parts were evaluated at high level.


Statistical Analysis in Business, Business Statistics, E-Learning; E-Practice

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