Implementation of Arduino Uno with Fuzzy Controller in Data Acquisition System for Undergraduate Control System Course

Preecha Sakarung


The two major problems found in undergraduate control system course in the context of RUS are the complexity of the mathematic theory and expensive experiment sets. The first problem can be solved by a fuzzy controller which is used to demonstrate the control idea like humans do. This type of controller requires simple mathematic rather than modern control theory that is based on state space approach. Also, in order to introduce the students to up-to-date control technology, a new control concept is needed to be taught apart from classical control theory. The second problem can be solved by using Arduino board and WinFACT (demo version 8) program. Arduino is an open-source physical computing platform based on a low-cost microcontroller board. WinFACT is a program using block diagrams and it contains tools for the analysis and simulation of classical control systems plus fuzzy control. This paper shows how to develop low-cost hardware with a fuzzy controller by using a data acquisition system with interactive block diagrams. In addition, the mechanical structure plant which is the light tracking system in which a plastic sheet can be moved by one-dimension direct current gear motor to follow the light source is created. The plant is used as the process plant to test the performance of three controllers i.e., on/off, PI and fuzzy controllers. With no analog output signals on Arduino Uno board, PI and fuzzy controllers therefore need to use a PWM signal to generate manipulated signals to drive the plant. The results show that each controller can control the plant with stability and each has unique performance. Therefore, a fuzzy controller is a good alternative for the instruction of control system at undergraduate level.


Fuzzy controller, Data acquisition system, Arduino, WinFACT

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