C Language Programming Techniques for Genetic Algorithm in Electrical Engineering computations

ชัยณรงค์ วิเศษศักดิ์วิชัย, ประเสริฐ เผ่าชู, สายชล ชุดเจือจีน


The structure of C language programming is an appropriate for engineering calculations. The C language programming, in particular for the OOP (Object-Oriented Programming), having present in this paper which is implemented by the extended C language, also known as the C++ language programming. The programmatic objects of language are used to realize the genetic algorithm that is the data abstraction of the OOP for mathematic problems in electrical engineering computations. The constructors of class based object are used to initializing purpose for the chromosome consisting of the size, form and number of genes in the genetic algorithm. Where the attributes of chromosome are defined by the data member of C++ class while the genetic operators and evolutionary process will be implemented by the function members. The genetic object of this article gives satisfactory results for the numerical solutions in the economic power dispatch and load flow problems of electrical power system.


Object-oriented programming, Genetic algorithm, Economic power dispatch, Load flow

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