Development of Exercise Bra for the women Who have cup size D 85

กัญญภัค ทองเกิด, ดิสนีย์ สิงหวรเศรษฐ์


This research is the education for developing the sport bra design, for the women who have large breast size like D85. By the eyesight surveying and questionnaire technique the sample of women who have large breasts size in the fitness found that around 75% of women who have large breasts size. The properly cup size for them are C D 80-85. Otherwise the result of the survey from the department store showed that the exercise bra which was in store from March to September 2553, the largest size is D 80. Researcher decides to study about an exercise bra which will support a women whose size are D 85 which is the most size of women who come to exercise at fitness and this size is hard to find in the store. This experimental research works by (1) Gathering all information from the 25 samples who all has breasts size D 85. (2) Designed 3 forms according to the results of questionnaire. The different between 3 designs are the straps. Each design has different style of straps which are Designs A’s straps are made of fabric which are 4 cm. width. Designs B’s straps are also 4 cm. width fabric. The straps for this B design are crossed at the back. Designs C’s straps are 2 cm. (20mm.) and made of elastic tape. (3) Created the patterns for each designs. (4) Sewn by using the same material for all 3 designs. (5) Tested by running on the treadmill to find out the average of the breasts movement of samples wearing the 3 exercise bras and the original brassiere. (6) Brought the average of the breasts movement calculated using the statistic technical and found that the average of design A is 2.23 cm. So, it could be said that the best designs for exercise bra is Design A.


The exercise brassiere, Cup Size D 85

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