The study of factors relate to qualities of SIRO spinning yarn

เอกวุฒิ วงศ์ศิริกุล


SIRO yarn is a high quality yarn with good yarn strength, good evenness and high resistant to the abrasive forces. The yarns can be used in weaving process similar to two-fold yarns. SIRO yarn provided great benefits to yarn manufacturers because SIROspun process required fewer steps to produce yarn thus required less space and fewer machine in the process to produced yarn. As there was few research journals relate to the qualities of SIRO yarn in Thailand, many yarn manufacturers unable to indicate and solve problems due to lack of reliable data. For this reason, the author aimed to conducted research with objectives to gain more understanding about factors which may relate to the qualities of SIRO yarn and provided reference data that can be used to improve efficiency of SIROspun process. The machine-related factors which author conducted research on include spacer distance, inner diameter of snail wire, and size of traveller and the quality-related attributes of SIRO yarn that author studied in this research include yarn hairiness and yarn evenness. The data from statistic analysis indicate that size of traveller is the most influential factor relate to the cause of hairiness on SIRO yarn and spacer distance is the most influential factor relate to yarnevenness

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