Design and Implementation of Low Cost 6.35 kVA AC- Voltage Stabilizer Using Arduino-Atmega2560 Microcontroller

Aekkawit Panyayong, Detnarin Wongprom, Phongniran Chaeblaem, Charnyut Karnjanapiboon


This paper presents a design and implementation of low cost 6.35 kVA AC-voltage stabilizer using Arduino-Atmega2560 microcontroller. The power meter integrate circuit (ADE7763) and 8 tabs 6.35 kVA step-up transformer are the cooperative components that operated with microcontroller system. The voltage and current signal is captured by voltage and current sensors then delivered to the microcontroller. After the Arduino microcontroller computed data, the microcontroller generates a control signal to control a power for TRIACs. The function of power TRIACs is to select proper tap of the transformer that matches the required output voltage. This proposed system has an ability to compute watt- hour units and can calculates usage electrical cost in real time. All electrical data of the system are show on a 20x4 monochrome LCD character display. The experimental results show that the proposed system can stabilized 40.01% maximum at line input voltage 160.7 VAC and output voltage 225.0 VAC. The proposed system is capable of maintaining the system voltage within the normal operating range between 160-220 VAC.


AC-Voltage Stabilizer, Power-Metering IC, Arduino controller board

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