Marketing Solutions for Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Development Until 2020

Nguyen Minh Huan, Pham Thi Ha Thuong


Recently tourism has become many countries’ leading economy and made considerable contributions to developing the economy in the world. As the products of tourism possess greatly distinctive attributes, they serve as essential components in the marketing. With the current global trends and the tourism is gaining attention among economic sectors, the tourism of Ho Chi Minh City is subject to fierce competition, especially in the effort to attract tourists. This requires the city to have effective marketing solutions to promote the attraction of the cities to tourist. Based on the survey on international tourists to Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), the article aims to analyze main factors of traditional marketing in tourism, and then suggesting solutions to guarantee tourism development in HCMC in the stage 2015-2020.


Tourism marketing; tourism development; Ho Chi Minh City.

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