A Synthesis of Nanocapsules and Anti-dust Mite Property

เอมอร ถิระจิตโต, พันธ์ญา สุนินทบูรณ์, ปิยะพร คามภีรภาพพันธ์


In this study, core/shell nanocapsules consisting of a clove oil core and a chitosan shell were prepared in a one-step emulsification process. The effects of chitosan, sodiumdodecylsulfate, and clove oil amounts on droplet size and zeta-potential were investigated. The results showed nanocapsules had diameters in the range of 163 to 860 nm and zeta-potential between -38.6 and 39.7 mV. The capsules were round-shaped with core-shell morphology. Moreover, anti-dust mite efficiency of nanocapsules was determined and the result showed that all dust mites were dead at 24-h and 48-h contact time at the concentration of 0.02 percent


Clove oil, Chitosan, Nanocapsules, Anti-dust mite

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