Effect of sucrose syrup content on oil absorption in fried banana chip production

ดวงทิพย์ ไข่แก้ว, รุ่งทิพย์ วงศ์ต่อม


The objective of this research was to study the effect of sucrose concentration on oil absorption the physicochemical properties,
the microbial analysis and sensory evaluation of fried banana chip. For soaking process of banana with sucrose concentration by varying at 4 levels (10, 20, 30 and 40°Brix) for 5 min prior to frying them was investigated. The results showed that the increasing amount of sucrose concentration which used to soak banana prior to frying resulted in fat content decreased causing the oil absorption content decreased. The physicochemical properties and the microbial analysis of fried banana chip found that moisture content and energy decreased while carbohydrate increased, the L* and b* values decreased and a* value increased significantly with increasing the amount of sucrose concentration (p0.05). Furthermore, total microorganism yeast and mold were found less than 10colony/g. The fried banana chip that was soaked at 30 °Brix sucrose concentration provided highest overall preference scores in the 9-point hedonic scale from sensory evaluation.


Oil Absorption, Fried Banana Chip, Sucrose Syrup

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