The Effect of Particle Size of Pigment on Cotton Printing

บุรินทร์ ยมนานนท์, บุญศรี คู่สุขธรรม


This research studied of the effect of particle size of pigment on cotton printing. The blue pigment was milled at different time from 6 to 24 hour. After that the cotton fabrics were printed using pigment with different particle size. The result showed that the particle size of pigment decreased from 1.59 micron to 0.58-0.59 micron with increasing milling time between 6-24 hour. The milling time at 6 hour was suitable for decreasing the particle size of pigment with mean particle size 0.59 micron. In addition, the pigment with small particle size increased the color depth of printed cotton fabrics in the range of 19.15-27.09%.


pigment, milling, printing, particle size

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