The Development of e-Learning CNC Technology Rajamangala University of Thecnology Krungthep

นายสุชาติ ปุริตธรรม, มนวิภา อนันตระเศรษฐกูล, สุญาณี เดชทองพงษ์


The purpose of this research were to develop and to find the efficiency of e-learning CNC technology.The sample was purposive sampling of 25 of the second year students of furniture making Technology Faculty of Sciences. And Technology in academic year 2011 Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep. The research tools were e-learning lesson and the pretest and posttest achievement test. The statistics used for data analysis were percentage, mean and t-test dependent.
The results were as follow:
1. The evaluation of 3 experts on e-learning CNC technology shown that the content and media development process has high level with x bar = 4.82 .
2. The efficiency E1/E2 of e-learning CNC technology has efficiency is 80.27/80.13 which higher than the criterion E1/E2 as 80/80.
3. There is a statistical significance difference between pretest and post test at alpha = 0.01.
The conclusion the e-learning CNC technology is suitable to use in teaching and learning of furniture making Technology Faculty of Sciences and Technology University of Technology Krungthep.

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