Dyeing of Reactive Dyes on Cotton Fabrics Modified with Diallyldimethyl Ammonium Chloride

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This research studied of dyeing of reactive dyes on cotton fabrics modified with diallydimethylammoniumchloride (DADMAC) .The object was to modify cotton fabrics with DADMAC and dyeing modified cotton with reactive dyes. In addition, the factors effecting of colour strength on cotton fabrics were studied. The cotton fabrics was modifiedwith DADMAC at room temperature by using potassium persulfate and N,N̕- methylenebisacrylamide as initiator and N,N,N̕,N̕ - tetramethylenediamine (TEMEDA) as accelerator. The result showed that the weight of cotton fabrics
Increased with increasing of DADMAC concentration. The colour strength of modified cotton was higher than unmodified one. Also, the colour strength of modified cotton fabrics depened on DADMAC concentration, reactiontime between DADMAC and cotton fabrics and % shade of reactive dyes.


cotton fabrics, diallyldimethylammonium choride, reactive dye

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