Study and Development of the Eco-Package Design:Packages of Thai Herbal Cosmetics Products

ชญานิษฐ์ วงศ์สุวรรณ, อภิสักก์ สินธุภัค, เลิศลักษณ์ กลิ่นหอม


This research aimed to 1) study and design the Eco-packages of Thai herbal cosmeceuticals packages and 2) to evaluate the quality of eco-design packaging with a case study of Thai herbal cosmeceuticals packaging. The sample groups are 333 consumers at Golden Place supermarkets, Rama 9th branch; and specialist groups comprised of 5 experts in printing process, package design, and materials science. Instruments used in this research were 1) questionnaire to evaluate aspects in package design, printing, packaging, and materials, 2) a questionnaire about satisfaction and decision to purchase from Golden Place Rama 9th branch, and 3) submission for professionals and experts in materials science and package design to evaluate the life cycle of packaging. The data were analyzed by analysis methods interpretation and described the mean and standard deviation.
The results were as follows. 1. First step, samples group were interested in form and materials of the packaging layout “A” with a 3.65 average mean, where paper was selected as a material to use with the Thai herbal cosmeceuticals packaging with 37.7 percent interest. In addition, the highest average of materials used in the manufacture of products packages for Thai herbal cosmeceuticals, were the reuse material with an average of 73.1 percent.
2. The final results of the evaluation on Thai herbal cosmeceuticals from the overall package design group of professionals and expert opinions shown that layout “D” is appropriate at a high level with mean of 3.79 (SD = 0.69), thus added a high emphasis on the packaging life cycle with mean of 4.28 (SD = .178).


Eco-Design, Eco-Package Design, Cosmeceuticals, Evaluation of the Product Cycle

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